Distributing Clinical Note Templates

Consistency is the key to success. So, when you create a customized clinical note template, to ensure consistency across your practice locations (if your organization has multiple locations), you must know how to distribute them from one location to other locations....

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How to Improve Your Insurance Collections in Dentrix Ascend

On average, dental offices forfeit 9% of their annual revenue due to uncollected insurance benefits (eAssist). That’s roughly $135k per year for the average practice. So, suppose you’re trying to find ways to free up your time and increase your cash flow. You’ll want...

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Patient Collections in Dentrix Ascend

December 02, 2020 Life in a dental office can get busy. Without realizing it, office managers often fill their schedule with activities that could be off-loaded to Dentrix Ascend. In her webinar “5 Easy Ways to Increase Patient Collections,” Dentrix Ascend trainer...

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How to Do a Bulk Entry of Procedures Not Covered

November 25, 2020 Dental plans may elect not to cover some procedures. When this happens, you need to add exceptions for the uncovered procedures to the coverage table. However, you do not have to enter exceptions for all those procedures one at a time; Dentrix Ascend...

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Do Insurance Benefits Renew Automatically?

Do insurance benefits renew automatically? In a word, yes! Changes to insurance plans usually take place at the end of the plan benefit year. At this time, insurance carriers should provide you with information on what is new and what is changing in your patient’s...

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