You—and many of your patients—embrace digital technology. For younger generations, gone are the days of mailing checks and manually typing URLs in the browser. Nevertheless, not all customers are comfortable with or have access to digital options. For these patients, paper statements are still the preferred method of communication. 

Print and Mail for Me is an integrated print statement fulfillment option that allows you to send paper billing statements directly from Dentrix Ascend to both groups of patients. All the printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping, and mailing is done for you so you can focus on other responsibilities. And those statements include a digital payment choice! 

Enhancement for WorldPay Customers 

If your practice has a WorldPay account, a QR code automatically appears on the printed statement along with an invitation to make a payment online.  

QR codes streamline the billing process, making it even more convenient for patients to pay their bills. Scanning the QR code takes them right to the payment portal in Dentrix Ascend. Accepting online payments usually means that patients will pay you faster. 

This enhancement allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of using both Print and Mail for Me and Dentrix Ascend Pay. Dentrix Ascend Pay is included with your subscription at no added charge. 

When patients make an online payment, Dentrix Ascend lets you know on the Online Payments tab in your Inbox.  


You can continue saving your office time and decreasing your overhead by sending a full printed statement to customers using Print and Mail for Me. Incorporating a QR code choice, however, ensures that customers who prefer detailed paper statements can access digital features without sacrificing their preferred method of communication. Adopting QR codes into your existing processes can help you get ahead of the game when it’s time to collect payments. 

Additional Information 

  • The Print and Mail for Me service can be purchased separately from your Dentrix Ascend subscription. 
  • To include the QR feature, you will need to have a Worldpay merchant account configured for online payment processing in Dentrix Ascend. If you need help getting started, visit the Dentrix Ascend Online Payments web page
  • To learn more, watch the Print and Mail for Me feature video