In the short time since it was introduced, Dentrix Detect AI (powered and manufactured by VideaHealth) has already become an amazing virtual assistant to hundreds of dental practices, enhancing their patient education and treatment planning abilities.

If you are not familiar with Dentrix Detect AI, here is how it works: When you view a bitewing or PA X-ray, artificial intelligence technology goes to work scanning the image. After just a few seconds, it overlays the image with indications and measurements of potential caries, bone levels, and root tips. These easy-to-understand graphics provide a natural conversation starter that allow you to educate your patients about these findings and why they are important to their dental health.

Depending on the type of treatment you are discussing with your patient, Detect AI gives you the ability to focus on caries, bone loss, or root tips. This allows more control when you are presenting a treatment plan, so you can better educate your patients. We’ve made it super easy too—you can access the options with just the click of the mouse.

For example, maybe the caries the AI detected for a tooth is not advanced enough for you to treat yet, so you’d like to remove it from consideration for now. Simply click the indication, and select Hide this finding.

Or, if you want to focus on one specific finding and momentarily clear away everything else, click the indication, and select Show only this finding.

Or, if you want to focus your discussion on bone level measurements for periodontal treatment, you can hide the other types of findings on this image. Click any empty area of the image, and deselect the Show Caries and Show Root Tips options.

To show all indications again, click the image, and select Show all findings

It’s really that simple!  You can use these results to help you educate and discuss a treatment plan with a patient, so they are more likely to understand and trust the treatment you are recommending. 

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