Are you hesitant to use Imaging AI? Well, you shouldn’t be.

In a recent survey [1] of 1000 Americans, some very interesting statistics were uncovered:

Almost all (94%) people surveyed agree that dental health correlates with overall health.

Americans are not getting treatment for dental issues.

31% only get treatment if pain becomes too great or ignore dental problems completely.

44% declined or delayed dental treatment in the past.

81% questioned or hestiated to commit to a treatment their dentist suggested.

Those statistics might seem discouraging. How can you help instill confidence in your patient’s decision?

The survey went on to ask about the use of AI (Artificial intelligence). These questions revealed the following:

53% of people surveyed are open to the use of AI in dentistry.

49% are open to the use of dental AI if it helps catch issues early or reduces the need for the future invasive treatment.

59% are open to the use of dental AI if it helps catch issues early or reduces the need for future invasive treatment.

The idea that AI can improve accuracy and objectivity in dental care seems to resonate with patients, many of whom avoid going to the dentist in the first place.

According to Florian Hillen, CEO of VideaHealth, “Humans like predictability and evidence, especially at the dentist’s office,” he said. “This is the first time in history that dentists can objectively validate their findings,” Hillen said “Dental AI will turn awareness into action. Action helps patients avoid more invasive treatments, save time, and even save money as the right treatment early on is significantly less expensive than waiting for things to get worse.”[2]


When patients understand the treatment plan you are recommending and why it is needed, and that your diagnosis is supported intelligent software, they are likely to get the treatment that is needed. Artificial intelligence can also help you show the patient what you see so they can understand the treatment you recommend.


Dentrix Ascend Detect AI, powered by VideaHealth, is an X-ray analysis software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect carious lesions and measure interproximal bone levels for clinical accuracy. This technology has FDA clearance and is conveniently built right into Dentrix Ascend Imaging so that it fits seamlessly into your imaging workflow and helps you provide the highest level of care for your patients.

Additional Information

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  • To learn more about Dentrix Ascend Detect AI, watch Dentrix Ascend Detect AI Overview.
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[1] VideaHealth, Dental AI: A Bridge for Awareness & Action”, December 2023,

[2] Gordon, Deb, “AI Would Make People Trust Their Dentist More, New Survey Shows” December 11, 2023, Forbes,