Distributing Clinical Note Templates

Consistency is the key to success. So, when you create a customized clinical note template, to ensure consistency across your practice locations (if your organization has multiple locations), you must know how to distribute them from one location to other locations....

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Changing Dentition in the Tooth Chart

October 28, 2020 Dentrix Ascend’s tooth chart can display both permanent and primary dentition. When you add a new patient, the tooth chart loads the appropriate tooth chart dentition for the patient’s age. For example, if I add a new patient who is 10 years old, the...

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Seeing the Chart and the Perio Exam at the Same Time

Do you find yourself clicking back and forth between the patient’s chart and the perio exam? Take advantage of the timesaving benefits of the chairside dashboard to see both at the same time. In addition to seeing the patient’s chart, progress notes, and radiographs...

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