Saving a patient’s card on file is one payment method that allows you to conveniently charge a patient’s card for in-house financing or payment plans. Unlike most other transactions, however, the patient doesn’t have to be present in the practice for the transaction to proceed. So long as you have the patient’s permission to do so, you can accept payment for services you have provided or will provide. Or, if the patient is in the practice, you can accept payment effortlessly.  

Saving a patient’s card on file helps you: 

  • Streamline your payment process. 
  • Maintain more efficient record keeping. 
  • Improve patient convenience. 

Streamline your payment process 

If you run a busy practice, it can become a challenge for your front desk to try to collect payments from every patient immediately before or after their services. One of the many challenges faced by employees involves the need to constantly ask customers for their card information—even when the credit card information is the same every time. By saving a card on file, once details have been set up in the system, a receptionist or front desk staff member can bill the card they have saved and process the transaction without the need for added back and forth conversation about money. 

Maintain more efficient record keeping 

Efficient record keeping is crucial for dental practices to keep exact financial records and ensure smooth operations. Accepting credit cards simplifies this process, as transactions are automatically recorded in the merchant’s account. The use of digital payment systems also reduces the risk of errors associated with manual record keeping, improving financial transparency and accountability. 

Improve patient convenience 

Not only does this benefit dental practices but patients as well. Patients may appreciate the convenience of not having to supply their payment information repeatedly. Also, use of their credit cards at a dentist allows them to predict expenses and to keep track of how much was paid and when—a feature especially crucial for those who are spreading those payments out over time. 

How Dentrix Ascend Supports Streamlining Payments with Saved Cards 

If you are looking to streamline your payments with saved cards, Dentrix Ascend can help you get there with Dentrix Ascend Pay. This feature, which is included with your subscription, allows you to save cards on file. And once you’ve taken that step, you are ready to move to the next: set up recurring payments for patients with ongoing treatment plans or subscriptions, such as dental insurance premiums or dental membership plans. This can help reduce late or missed payments and billing-related administrative tasks. 

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