September 04, 2019

If you were asked to compile a list of popular billing comments made by patients, that list would likely include this one: “I didn’t get a statement.” What a great way to stall and avoid making a payment! Thanks to the Dentrix Ascend Patient Connect page, however, you can immediately see not only when the last statement was sent but also how (paper or electronic). You can even open the statement itself for review.

How to:

1. From any patient-specific page—general, insurance, financial, or clinical—follow Patient > Patient Connection from the menu.

2. The Patient Connection Statements tab contains a complete list of statements which include this patient. By default the most recent statement is at the top of the list. The Date is the day on which the statement was sent.

3. The Statement Type will be Patient when you generate an individual billing statement or walkout with the Patient view selected, and Guarantor if you generate a walkout with the Guarantor view selected or use the batch Billing Statement generator. The Patient column reflects the statement type—the patient name for patient statements and the guarantor name for guarantor statements. The name is a hyperlink which takes you to the Overview page of that person.

4. The Delivery method can be Print, Electronic, or both, depending on how you chose to send that statement.

5. The rest of the information on this page is a summary of the statement. If you chose the Add to Patient Connection option when you generated the statement, a link to a PDF version of that statement appears here as a paperclip icon.

Additional Information

  • A copy of the patient’s billing or walkout statement can also be found in the patient or guarantor’s Document Manager.
  • The Resource Center holds many articles about various aspects of billing statements. To get a preview, click the ? icon in your Ascend menu bar and then Search Help. Type “billing statements” to get the top results.