It’s no secret that clinical teams are incredibly short staffed.[1] Has a vacant position felt like it’s reduced your production capacity? There is a technology solution that can effectively make you feel like you’ve increased your head count. You’ve heard about it, and it’s here at Henry Schein One: voice recognition.

Dentrix Ascend Voice

Dentrix Ascend Voice takes a two-prong approach to enable you to get more work done with less effort. The first is supporting your hygienists by allowing them to conduct perio exams without calling on another team member. There is no need for two people to call out the measurements and take notes. With a microphone and the click of a button, your hygienist can call out to the AI instead. As one business manager puts it, “Our hygienists can let Dentrix Ascend Voice Perio do more of the work, so they can focus on our patients’ needs and questions.”[2]

The second is supporting your providers to speed up the process of completing your ever-important clinical notes. Simply put, voice dictation is faster than typing. As pointed out in one study, “Speech recognition software can transcribe over 150 words per minute (WPM), while the average doctor types around 30 WPM.”[3] By using voice recognition technology to write your notes, you could conceivably save yourself hours every week. You don’t have to block out a big chunk of time on a Friday afternoon or a Saturday morning. Just tell the AI what you’re seeing and thinking, and you will see it appear on the page for you to sign.

Use voice recognition technology as a virtual employee. Dentrix Ascend Voice is like having both a hygiene assistant and a dictation service. Open new opportunities for increased productivity in your practice by cutting manual data entry time.

Additional Information

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