Maintaining a healthy cash flow is fundamental for dental practices, and patient payments are a big part of that. Sending estatements is a quick and cost-free way of sending statements. Are your staff taking advantage of this convenient opportunity? Is your practice using eStatements? Now you have a way to prove it. There’s an easy way to find out.  

How to: 

  1. On the Home menu, under Reports, click Statement Submission Report to open the report.  

  1. Set up the report options: Locations and Date Range. The defaults are your current location and month to date. When you are ready, click Search

  1. To focus on eStatement activity, look at the Electronic eStatements section of the report. A number in parentheses shows the number of statements of that type and a balance that equals the sum of the “Please Pay This Amount” values from those statements.  

Review the Statement Submission Report periodically to look for patterns or to verify that your employees are maximizing your collection efforts by using electronic statements. Sending eStatements is free and can result in a quicker turnaround, which improves your cash flow.  

Additional Information 

  • Only locations to which you have access are available for review.  
  • Expand a section to view details of each of the corresponding statements: the date and time, the type (patient or guarantor), the patient or guarantor’s name, where it was generated (from a batch of statements, from a patient’s ledger, from a patient’s walkout), and the amount due. 
  • If a section has more than 100 statements, click the Show More link to list more statements. 
  • To print the full report, click Print