October 30, 2019

It doesn’t need to be difficult to keep track of patients wanting an appointment right away. In these situations, you can offer to call the patient if a time becomes available. In Dentrix Ascend, you can flag scheduled appointments as ASAP (As Soon As Possible). Once you mark an appointment this way, it appears on the ASAP List. This ASAP list allows you to accommodate patients who request to be seen as soon as possible while still keeping their currently-scheduled appointment in place.

How to:

1. In the Calendar, open the patient’s existing appointment (If you are entering the appointment information right now, you are already in the Appointment Information panel).

2. Select the ASAP check box.

This does two things: the patient will show on the ASAP List, and an exclamation point icon (!) appears on the appointment.

3. When you have an opening in your schedule, one way to fill it is by opening the ASAP list. In the Calendar, click Pinboard and select the ASAP tab.

4. ASAP appointments are sorted by appointment date, with the next upcoming appointment at the top. After you have contacted a patient on the ASAP list to come in sooner and they agree to reschedule their appointment, drag the appointment from the ASAP list into the open spot in your schedule. You will be prompted to confirm the schedule change.

Additional Information

  • ASAP patients will not show up in the list if it is the day of their appointment.
  • The panel displays future appointments relative to the day or week currently being viewed.
  • For more information, read Filling openings.
  • For a demonstration, watch Filling Open Appointment Times.