May 6, 2020

So you ran the unapplied credits report, now what? The next step after running the Unapplied credits report is to go into each patient’s Ledger and apply the unapplied credit to the posted procedures. This way the provider receives payment for the procedures performed or service that they provided.

Dentrix Ascend uses line-item accounting, which means that when you enter a credit—such as a payment or credit adjustment—you need to apply it to a debit transaction, such as a procedure or service rendered. This article shows you how to balance the accounting, by applying the unapplied credit to the posted procedure(s).

How to:

  1. Open the patient’s Ledger page and click the amount (if not zero) in the Unapplied Credits box.

  2. Click Apply Credits.
  3. The unapplied credit then applies to the procedure in the Ledger.

Additional Information

  • The credit is first applied to the procedure with the oldest date of service that has a balance. Any remaining credit is then applied to other procedures based on the date of service until either the credit is used up or there are no more procedures with balances, whichever comes first.
  • Applying credits does not affect the account balance or the estimated insurance and patient portions.
  • To apply an unapplied credit to someone other than the patient whose account the credit was posted to, you must transfer the patient balance. To learn more, read the step 1 example in Applying unapplied credits.
  • To learn how to run an applied credits report, read Working with Unapplied Credits, Part 1.