April 29, 2020

Unapplied credits are payments or credits that have not been applied to a procedure code or charge, otherwise known as a debit.

Dentrix Ascend uses line-item accounting, which means that when you enter a credit—such as a payment or credit adjustment—you should apply it to a debit transaction, such as a procedure or service rendered. In some cases, when a payment is made, there is no procedure to apply it to. For example, a patient makes a payment for a procedure that has not yet been posted, or a payment is made for more than the cost of the procedure. In these cases, you can still enter the payments; however, the payments are now considered “unapplied credits.” If your office compensates providers based on collections, no provider will receive payment for these credits until you apply the amounts to a balance.

The Unapplied Credits Report displays each patient account that has unapplied credits. For each account, the report lists the date, type, and amount of the credit. Armed with this information, you can go into each patient’s Ledger and apply the unapplied credit to the posted procedure(s), so that the provider receives payment for the procedures performed. We’ll show you how to do this in Working with Unapplied Credits, Part 2. First, you have to get the report.

How to:

  1. On the Power Reporting page, from the Home menu under Reports, search for the Unapplied Credits report by typing “una” in the Search field, and click (or tap) the Unapplied Credits icon.

    The report appears.
  1. Open the More actions and options menu (looks like a gear) then the Export menu to export the report as a .pdf, .xslx, or .csv file.

Additional Information

  • Data entered in Dentrix Ascend after the time shown on the Data as of button will not be available on the report until the next sync occurs.
  • To learn how the use the analysis report builder tools, read Using the analysis report builder.
  • To learn more about unapplied credit, watch Applying Unapplied Credits.