A user asks, “We have three locations. I need to find the total number of patients on record (both active and inactive). Where can I find this information?” Dentrix Ascend doesn’t have this particular summary report prebuilt, but you can adapt an existing report to get this information and share it with the organization.

How to:

  1. Open the default Active Patient Count – HSPA report (Home > Power Reporting > Patient).

  1. Do this step immediately to preserve the original. Click Save, and give the report a new name. Choose whether this new report will be visible only to you (Save to My Reports) or to the entire organization (Save to Organization Reports) and click OK.

  1. Remove the filters by clicking the X next to each of the three default filters.

  1. Click the List of Available Fields and Layout Panel icons to open their panels.

  1. In the Layout panel click the drop-down arrow, and select Remove from Report for the Provider row, the Year column, the Month column, and the Patients Seen measure. At this point you pretty much have a blank canvas to work on.

  1. From the Available fields panel, under Patient, drag Patient Status into the Rows layout. Under Measures drag Patient Count into the Measures layout.

  1. There you have it! This report shows you the current active, inactive, and non-patient totals for each location in your organization. Click Save once again to save this final version of the report. To share this report, click the More actions icon, select Export, and choose an option.

Additional Information

  • To see an updated report, just open the saved report. It will populate with your current data.
  • Note that the count values are hyperlinks. To drill down into your data, click a hyperlink to open a Pentaho Analyzer Drill-through window, from which you can view or export detailed patient information.