In the article How AI Helps Providers Chairside in Dentistry Today – Part 1, we discussed how artificial intelligence supports providers in diagnosing and decision-making, but did you know that artificial intelligence can also increase your treatment plan case acceptance?

Did you ever hear the phrase “Seeing is believing.”? Well, in the case of dental treatment, artificial intelligence helps you show the patient what you are seeing so they can understand the treatment you are recommending.

AI in General Dentistry

According to a dentist that uses artificial intelligence, having artificial intelligence in front of patients helps them to visually understand their oral diseases, which significantly increases treatment acceptance.[1] Because artificial intelligence highlights caries and measures bone levels, it can help you show the annotated images to your patient and explain treatment that is needed.

“…It allows me to justify why something needs or doesn’t need to be done, and at the same time helps educate patients about oral health.”[2]

Dr. Deep Shah, D.M.D. Chief Officer at Oak Dental Partner

“We have easier treatment acceptance and more confident diagnosis. Patients can understand better what we are looking at when we say, ‘you have three cavities since your last visit.’ They can see it and take more accountability for maintaining their oral health.”[3]

Dr. Will Argana, D.M.D.

Fountainview Dental

In addition to explaining needed treatment, you can use artificial intelligence to help patients understand the priority of treatment. Because artificial intelligence highlights carious lesions, this helps you to show a patient a large carious lesion compared to a small carious lesion. You can even point out how close a large carious lesion is to the pulp of the tooth and explain how it will eventually lead to more problems if it is left untreated. In addition to caries, artificial intelligence also highlights overhanging restorations. This can provide an opportunity to show the patient what an overhanging restoration is and explain why you are going to watch it if there are no caries present or show them the caries that are present.

Also, do you remember when you were a kid how happy you were to hear that you had no cavities? Well, the same is true for adults.

“Patients love to see the findings, especially if there are no findings. We’ve found that [artificial intelligence] is a great way to show they have perfect teeth.”[4]

Dr. Stephen DiBenedetto, D.D.S.

Southern Connecticut Dental Group

AI in Hygiene

When it comes to bone loss, it can be hard to explain or to show a patient the status of their bone levels during a periodontal exam.  Artificial intelligence helps you communicate the importance of periodontal health to your patients by providing indications with measurements on their imaging exams. Dental hygienists using artificial intelligence agree that they have easier treatment acceptance and more confident diagnoses.[5]

“…[Artificial intelligence] not only empowers our team to make better treatment recommendations, but also its intuitive visualizations make it very easy for us to educate patients and explain our findings to them.” [6]

Marlene Kacy, Director of Hygiene

42 North Dental


When patients understand the treatment plan you are recommending and why it is needed, they are likely to get the treatment that is needed. Artificial intelligence helps you show the patient what you see so they can understand the treatment you recommend.

Dentrix Ascend Detect AI

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Additional Information

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