After insurance has paid on a claim, it’s common for patients to end up with a balance of under $10 on their account.

Some practices end up writing off these small balances because they think that it may not be worth the time and expense of printing, stuffing, and mailing billing statements to collect these small amounts. But, all those small amounts can add up to writing of hundreds of dollars.

With Dentrix Ascend eStatements, you could be collecting these small balances at no charge.  

When using Dentrix Ascend eStatements, you can collect those small patient balances by emailing and text messaging statements at no additional charge to your Dentrix Ascend subscription and avoid the overhead costs associated with traditional billing.

Making sure that you have a mobile phone or an email address for your patients is critical. If you’re not already, use the routing panel so you can be reminded to collect contact information as needed with each patient appointment. 

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