Many dental practices today offer their uninsured patients in-office discount plans to help develop loyal patients, remove barriers, and increase treatment acceptance. Keeping track of when these discount plans are close to expiring or have expired can be a tedious task. Fortunately, Dentrix Ascend provides discount plan warning notifications to make it easier for you to know when a discount plan has expired or will expire soon so that you can inform your patient to renew their plan.

How to:

When you are setting up a basic (uninsured) discount plan on the Patient Information page, you must select an expiration date to receive discount plan warning notifications.

  1. Click the calendar icon next to Discount plan expiration to select a date from the date picker. Then, click Save.

After you enter the discount plan expiration date, a discount plan warning appears 30 days prior to the expiration date. The warning will say, “Discount plan will expire on XX/XX/XXXX and may need to be renewed soon.” If the plan has expired, you will see a warning message that says, “Discount plan has expired and may need to be reviewed.”

How discount plan warnings appear varies depending on where you are in Dentrix Ascend. For example, in the routing panel, a warning icon appears next to the patient’s name when their plan has expired or will expire soon.

When you click the warning icon, a message informs you of the status of the discount plan.

When you open a patient’s Treatment Planner, Progress Notes, or Ledger page, a discount plan warning message automatically appears. In addition, a discount plan warning message automatically appears when you are completing an appointment.

Additional Information

  • The warning messages only appear when the patient does not have insurance and when there is a discount plan expiration date entered on the Patient Information page.
  • To learn more about discount plan expiration dates, read Requiring expiration dates for discount plans in the Dentrix Ascend Resource Center.