It’s that time of year when we count down our most popular tips of the year. Maybe you missed one when it was originally posted, or maybe you need a refresh on the information that we shared. 

Our top tips of the year involved revenue cycle management, clinical topics, and generating reports: 

# 5: Finding Patients Attached to an Insurance Carrier
At times you may need to see a list of all patients assigned to an insurance plan in Dentrix Ascend. This information can be found by running the Patient Insurance report.

# 4: Understanding Adjustment Types
To truly understand the revenue cycle, you must first understand your adjustments.

# 3: Printing the Ledger
Patients will occasionally request a printed copy of their charges and payments for the previous year, especially at tax time when they need to reconcile a health savings account.

# 2: Charting Supernumerary Teeth
When you need to chart treatment for a patient with supernumerary teeth, Dentrix Ascend makes the process easy when you use the workflow based on ADA recommendations.

# 1: Paying Providers
Whichever method you use to compensate your providers, you need some numbers as a starting point. The Dentrix Ascend Provider A/R Totals report is a great place to get those numbers.