At times you may need to see a list of all patients assigned to an insurance plan in Dentrix Ascend. This information can be found by running the Patient Insurance report. The report is both customizable and exportable and can be useful when, for example, you are deciding whether to continue accepting a certain insurance, or if you need to delete an insurance plan to clean up your database and need to identify the patients still attached to it.

How to:

  1. Click the Home dropdown and select Power Reporting. Select the Insurance category and then click to open the Patient Insurance report. By default this lists all the carriers defined in your system.

  1. Filter the report to just include the carrier you are interested in. To start, click the Filter icon. Drag and drop the Insurance Carrier field in the Layout column into the filter area.

  1. In the Filter on Insurance Carrier dialog box that pops up, scroll or search to find the carrier name. When you see it, double-click the name to add it to the Currently Included side of the panel. Click OK.

  1. Optionally, to narrow down the results to a specific plan, do the same thing with the Insurance Plan field as you did with the Insurance Carrier field.

  1. Optionally, you can add more data to the report. For example, you could drag the Date field under the Coverage Start.Date (local) heading to the end of the list of Rows to see when coverage started for each of the patients.

  1. Optionally, to print the report, click the More actions icon and select an option from the Export flyout.

Additional Information

  • You can save any modified report so you can easily reuse it later. Click Save in the upper-right corner, give your report a descriptive name, and choose whether this version will be visible only to you (Save to My Reports) or to everyone who has rights to generate financial reports (Save to Organization Reports).
  • For more information about the data fields associated with the Patient Insurance report, see Understanding the insurance reports in the knowledgebase.
  • You may also be interested in the companion Finding Providers Attached to an Insurance Carrier blog post.