March 20, 2019

Patients will occasionally request a printed copy of their charges and payments, especially for the previous year, and especially at tax time or when they need to reconcile a health saving account. And they will need the practice name, address, and phone number to be included on the printout. There is no print function for the Ledger itself, but what you can do is print a statement that will provide the information the patient needs.

How to:

1. With the patient selected, navigate to Patient > Billing Statement to open the Billing Statement dialog box.

2. In the Statement start date section, select Other. The calendar field next to it defaults to today’s date.

3. Type, or use the calendar picker to set the date to the beginning of the time frame you want to use as your starting point (for example, the beginning of the year).

4. Because this statement is being used for information rather than billing, you may wish to modify or remove the statement message and deselect the credit card payment options and due date. When all the options are set, click Print. (Sending this statement to the Patient Connection is optional.)

5. The statement opens as a PDF. Use the print icon and dialog box to send the statement to your printer.

Additional Information

  • The alternative to printing a statement is to highlight the portion of the ledger that you want to print, right-click, select Copy, and then paste the data into a program like Microsoft Word or Excel.