November 4, 2020

Many offices are facing gaps in their hygiene schedules due to the COVID-19 shutdown. The gaps in your hygiene scheduling are a result of patients not having a recare appointment six months ago. The patient communications features of Dentrix Ascend allow you to connect with your patients to schedule their overdue recare appointments using a streamlined, automated process. Life is hectic and patients need reminders to maintain their oral health.

How to:

1. Open the Patient Communications page (Settings > Patient Communications).

2. Click the Recare tab.

Dentrix Ascend has Prophy Recare communication reminders listed for your office to use. All you need to do is make sure the Due Date Sent 26 weeks after or Sent 6 months after reminder is Active, check the settings and edit the reminder, if you want to customize it.

Active reminder
Inactive reminder

3. If it is not active, select the Due Date Sent 26 Weeks After or Sent 6 months after reminder and click the Active switch to On.

4. To edit the options for the communication, click Edit.

5. Complete the setup steps using the setup wizard. Click Next to proceed to the next step or click any of the tabs to go directly to the options for that step of the wizard.

To save any changes, click Done on the Practice Info tab.  The only way to get to the Done button is either going through all the steps or by selecting the Practice Info tab to get to the end.

Additional Information

  • If the Reminder has been Off, you will get a warning notice when you turn it On. This is a legally required notification from us to you. 
  • Dentrix Ascend first attempts to send the message using the preferred method. For any patient who does not have valid contact information for that method in his or her record, Dentrix Ascend will attempt to send the message using the alternative method.
  • To learn more about using patient communications, read Creating appointment communications in the Resource Center.