July 29, 2020

Presenting treatment plans can be challenging when a patient doesn’t understand why they owe money for their treatment-planned procedures. It can be embarrassing when a patient has insurance, but the treatment plan does not show the insurance portion. This article will show you the first place to go to investigate and correct that error.

How to:

1. First, look at the treatment plan preview (Patient > Chart > Treatment Planner > Preview). In this example, the patient clearly has benefits, but the insurance estimates are non-existent.

2. Open the patient’s Progress Notes and filter for Tx Plan to make the list easier to read.

3. Click to open a procedure code. The most common problem is that Bill to Insurance is switched to Off. If you want to bill insurance for this procedure, toggle the switcher to On.

4. Check back with your treatment plan to see if this solved the problem. This solution resolves only one of several possible configuration issues. If the problem persists, contact Support for further assistance.

Additional Information

  • Someone could have turned off the Bill to Insurance switch manually by mistake, or it may be the default setting of the procedure code. To investigate the default settings, go to Settings > Procedure Codes & Conditions, and look up the procedure code.
  • Another investigative route is to click the Estimated guarantor portion hyperlink in the treatment plan preview. In the Guarantor portion page, open the Detailed View, and click the hyperlink under Primary Insurance Portion Remaining for hints.
  • For more information, watch Explaining the Guarantor Portion.