March 31, 2020

How many times do you get distracted and forget to send insurance claims?  Dentrix Ascend has a place where you can follow up on unsent claims. All claims that still need to be submitted to an insurance carrier will appear on the Unsent Claims list.  From the practice dashboard, you can review claims for errors and also add attachments before you submit these claims.

How to:

  1. On the practice Overview page (dashboard), the Unsent Claims widget displays the number of unsent insurance claims and a total dollar amount of unpaid insurance claims. Click (or tap) the Unsent Claims widget.
    The Unsent Claims page opens.
  2. On the list of unsent claims, select the first claim, or click (or tap) a different claim.
    The claim options become available.
  3. Click (or tap) Review/Edit to open the claim and review it before sending to decrease the chance of it getting denied.  In the Claim Detail dialog box, make any necessary changes, such as attaching images, and then click (or tap) Save.

  4. Click (or tap) Send Claim. The claim automatically disappears from the patient list.

Additional Information

  • If you need help attaching documents or images to a claim, watch Adding Required Attachments to Claims in the Resource Center.
  • For an electronic claim submission, Dentrix Ascend transmits separate service lines for identical procedures on the same claim. For the carriers, such as Medicaid and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, that are known to require a single line with a quantity value for identical procedures on the same claim, claims are processed accordingly through the clearinghouse.
  • If you receive a notice from a payer stating that a quantity value is required for identical procedures, contact Support with that information, so the needed functionality can be provided.
  • To learn more, read Processing unsent claims.
  • To learn more about submitting unsent insurance claims, watch Processing Unsent Claims.