August 7, 2019

It is the age of informed consent. Having written proof that the patient received an explanation of the risks associated with a procedure and that they accept those risks is absolutely vital to protecting your business. Using Dentrix Ascend, you can present the consent form, collect signatures, and store the form all electronically—you will not use one piece of paper.

How to:

1. Assuming you have presented the case and the patient has accepted, on the case page click Send consent form.

2. The standard Request Forms popup appears. You can present the form on a tablet or send it to the patient’s own device; select the method that best suits your circumstances.

3. The form to be filled out is named Treatment Consent: [Case Name]. Have the patient open and review the form.

4. After the patient reviews the consent language, and you answer any questions they might have, the patient signs and saves the form.

5. Back on the case page, the send link name has changed to reflect the fact that the form was completed. Click the Signatures button to open the Signatures for [Case Name] window.

6. This is just like signing a clinical note; the provider and witness select their names from the corresponding dropdown, enter their passwords, and click Sign to insert their electronic signatures on file.

Additional Information

  • Once the patient signs the consent form, a link to that form appears in the treatment case. The case status changes to Accepted.
  • The completed form is available from the Patient Forms tab in the Patient Information page.
  • The completed form can also be found in the patient’s Document Manager with the tag “Tx Consent”.