May 01, 2019

This patient is family; this patient is a friend of the doctor. This patient is a senior citizen; this patient is a staff member. What do they have in common? They are all prime candidates for a courtesy adjustment to their balance. Courtesy adjustments are some of the most common adjustments used in dentistry, and all of them impact production. In order to have a clear picture of how courtesy adjustments really affect your production numbers, you need a report that can spell them out.

How to:

1. Open the Production Detail report (Home > Power Reporting > Financial category).

2. Open the Available Fields and Layout panels by clicking their icons.

3. Drag the Description Subcategory field into the Layout Rows.

4. Click the Subcategory dropdown and select Filter.

5. In the Filter on Subcategory window, move the adjustment types you use for courtesy adjustments into the Included column by highlighting the name and clicking the right arrow. Click OK when you are done.

6. When the report refreshes, you have a courtesy report. You may want to save this report under a new name so that the next time you open it there is nothing to do but read, export, or save it.

Additional Information

  • Additional filter adjustments to the report might include the time frame (for example, last month instead of the last year) or focusing on a specific provider.
  • For full details about adjustments, under Report Options make sure Drill-through links on measures is checked; then in the report you can click the blue hyperlink text to open an exportable Drill-Through report.
  • For a comprehensive list of the available credit adjustment types, read Transaction types list.