Dentrix Ascend allows you to adjust the intervals between recare visits on a patient-by-patient basis. For example, your default prophy schedule is six months between visits, but you can customize that interval to be every four months for a patient with poor hygiene whom you’d like to see more frequently.

When you adjust recare intervals for individual patients, their due dates will reflect these new intervals, but the rest of your patients will still be assigned the default intervals.

How To

  1. Go to the patient’s recare page by first selecting the patient, and then click Patient > Recare.

  1. Click the recare type you want to individualize. This opens a pane on the other side of the page:

  1. Click the Interval plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to adjust the interval for this recare type for this patient. Click Save when you are done.

Additional Information

  • Note that the Due Date updates automatically when you save the interval change. You may need to contact the patient to reschedule an existing appointment, for example if the adjustment was because the patient’s insurance won’t pay according to your default interval.
  • The Interval dropdown lets you select from Weeks, Months, or Years as you adjust the interval.
  • If you click the appointment date or “unscheduled” hyperlink of a recare type, you will open the Calendar so you can schedule or reschedule.
  • To see this demonstrated, watch Personalizing a Patient’s Recare Interval.