How to Improve Your Insurance Collections in Dentrix Ascend

On average, dental offices forfeit 9% of their annual revenue due to uncollected insurance benefits (eAssist). That’s roughly $135k per year for the average practice. So, suppose you’re trying to find ways to free up your time and increase your cash flow. You’ll want...

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Patient Collections in Dentrix Ascend

December 02, 2020 Life in a dental office can get busy. Without realizing it, office managers often fill their schedule with activities that could be off-loaded to Dentrix Ascend. In her webinar “5 Easy Ways to Increase Patient Collections,” Dentrix Ascend trainer...

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Understanding Adjustment Types

September 22, 2020 To truly understand the revenue cycle, you must first understand your adjustments. If you are wondering “What is the purpose of an adjustment?” or “How do my adjustments affect my business?” you need to look at setting up Dentrix Ascend to track...

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