December 25, 2019

You likely have a large number of billing statements you send out each month. With all those patient statements being sent each month, there has probably been a time or two that a billing statement you didn’t want to send to a patient slipped through the cracks and was actually delivered.

The Billing Statements page allows you to preview your batch of billing statements and deselect specific statements to prevent them from being printed or sent electronically to a guarantor.

How to:

1. Generate a statement batch. For more information on how to do this, watch Generating Billing Statements in the Resource Center.

2. When you generate a batch of statements, the list of guarantors for those statements appears. Select the name of any guarantor listed to preview the corresponding billing statement.

3. If the statement is longer than one page, click the Page Number button that corresponds to the page that you want to view.

4. The Zoom button lets you toggle between viewing the statement and the list of guarantors, and viewing just the statement, zoomed in.

5. For any guarantor who you do not want to receive a billing statement, clear the corresponding check box.

Additional Information

  • As you clear or re-select the check boxes of guarantor names in the list, the Selected and Total due figures at the bottom of the List of Patients update automatically.