Life is less stressful when work flows smoothly and efficiently. Cutting even a few mouse clicks from repetitive tasks can be a blessing. This tip will demonstrate how to check your patient’s balance without opening the Ledger—and how to peek at the guarantor’s balance, as well.

To check a patient’s (or guarantor’s) balance:

  1. With a patient selected, from any page click the Patient button—not the drop-down arrow. This opens the patient’s Overview page.

  1. In the center of the Overview page is the Ledger widget. Here you can view the patient’s current and past due balances.

  1. To quickly peek at the guarantor’s balance, click the Guar. Bal hyperlink. The widget updates with the guarantor’s balance information. (The link changes to Pt. Bal so you can toggle back to the patient’s information.)

Additional Information

  • If the patient information bar is open, you can also click the patient’s name hyperlink to open the Overview page.
  • Click the Ledger widget to open the patient’s ledger.
  • While viewing the Ledger widget you can review any notes for this account. Hover over the document icon (in the lower left corner), and click the icon to edit or add notes.