The patient is a no-show, or has called to cancel an appointment. You have dutifully opened the appointment in the Calendar and set its status to either Broken or No Show. But what is this? The appointment turns into a ghost and shrinks! What is going on here?

Don’t worry. There is a reason for this behavior. Missed and canceled appointments (those with a status of No Show or Broken) remain on the schedule but are transparent, so you can easily differentiate them from other appointments. By doing this you not only have the history of the appointment, but also the ability to schedule a new appointment in that time slot.

Some other things to know about the ghosts in your Calendar:

  • When you break an appointment you have the opportunity to do two things: add a reason note, and reschedule the appointment right now. Neither is required.

  • Once you save the Status change, the appointment becomes translucent.

  • A broken appointment provides information when you hover over it.

  • A rescheduled broken appointment remains on the Calendar, with an added icon to indicate it was rescheduled.

Additional Information

  • A no-show appointment has the same options and behaviors as a broken appointment.
  • You can hide missed appointments in the Calendar by clicking View and switching the Show Missed Appointments selector to Off.
  • A rescheduled appointment will have details about the original appointment on the Related Appts tab of the Appointment Panel.
  • Dentrix Ascend has a report on broken and no-show appointments. For more information, read Missed Appointments Report.