If you called a patient to confirm their appointment, but no one answered, and you ended up leaving a voicemail message, where should you document this in Dentrix Ascend? While you may not have spoken to the patient directly, it’s important to keep a record that you made the attempt.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the Unconfirmed Appointments page by selecting Schedule > Unconfirmed Appointments to begin working through your unconfirmed appointments list.
  1. After you have called a patient (or sent a text or an email), select the checkbox on the patient’s row, and then click Left Message.

Dentrix Ascend updates the appointment information with notes of who left a message and when the message was left. It does not include the method (voicemail, text message, or email).

The note also appears automatically in the patient’s appointment. If you want to add more information, click the appointment date and time link in the Unconfirmed section to open the appointment, and write in the appointment Note field. Then, click Save.

Additional Information

  • The latest patient communication updates the Last Contacted field, which may not be a left message. For example, if Dentrix Ascend sends out an automated appointment reminder, the Last Contacted field will be updated.
  • Appointments that you left messages for stay in the Unconfirmed section, but their statuses change from Unconfirmed to Left Message.
  • The Day Note is available on the Unconfirmed Appointments Calendar pages, so you can share additional scheduling information with other team members.
  • For more information, watch Confirming appointments.