Why is it important to track the dentist’s production? Many practices see this as a key performance indicator (KPI) gauging the health and productivity of the office. It’s important that each dentist produce at a high level. Tracking daily production per provider is an essential task to ensure that your practice is meeting its daily production goals. Dentrix Ascend makes your job easier by giving you the option to track daily production estimates for each provider on the schedule, in either the Day or the Week view.

How to:

1. If you are not already, switch to the provider view in the schedule. On the Calendar, click View and select Provider. Click Done.

2. Click the Show production link under the provider’s name. The scheduled and actual net production appear.

S = Scheduled Production. The Net Scheduled Production is the sum of the charges for the scheduled procedures, minus any discounts or insurance adjustments that apply to those procedures. Remaining benefits and deductibles are excluded from the calculation.

A = Actual Production. The Net Actual Production is the sum of the charges for the completed procedures on a patient’s ledger. The number factors in estimated write-offs or adjustments for both primary and secondary insurance.

As you post or complete procedures throughout the day, the actual production value (A) changes. Click the Renew link to see the updated values as needed.

Additional Information

  • The Renew link is available only when the actual value has been updated by posting or completing procedures.
  • You can also click the View Gross and View Net links, at the top of the schedule, to monitor the overall production as the schedule changes throughout the day.
  • For more information about production totals, see Viewing scheduled and actual production” in the Resource Center.