January 29, 2020

The routing panel presents a set of appointment task reminders to the team to help them remember to perform three tasks that are critical to your success: scheduling the next recare appointment, collecting payment, and making sure the patient contact information is complete.

Dentrix Ascend includes a report to help you evaluate your team’s performance of these critical tasks. The Workflow Compliance Report is a standard report available directly from the Home menu. Reviewing the Workflow Compliance Report can help you monitor and improve the consistency of your patient checkout process with regard to those tasks.

The summary portion of the report shows your team’s success and failure rates for each of the appointment tasks that appear in the routing panel.

The remainder of the report helps you improve accountability by spelling out the team member, appointment, and tasks that were not completed.

How to:

The only way to populate the Workflow Compliance report is to make the routing panel part of your workflow:

1. When you use the routing panel, you will see the appointment tasks.

2. Set appointments complete in the routing panel.

3. Whether or not you complete the appointment tasks, the report can only count them if you use the routing panel to set appointments complete.

Additional Information