December 18, 2019

There are many tasks to complete at patient check out. Unless a workflow is established or reminder system is in place, it can be difficult to remember to schedule a patient’s next recare appointment. Dentrix Ascend has the solution! The routing panel helps staff with its unique appointment task reminder system. Appointment task reminders automatically alert staff to schedule recare appointments before the patient checks out.

How to:

  1. To use Appointment Task Reminders, you must use the routing panel. Open the routing panel from anywhere in Dentrix Ascend, by clicking on the blue bar on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Each patient has an appointment card that moves through each stage of the patient’s visit, beginning with Arriving and eventually ending at Complete. The appointment card displays information that’s important at each stage of the patient’s appointment.
  3. Appointment task reminders alert staff to book recare appointments at the Chair stage if the hygienist is supposed to book the next recare appointment, and at the Checkout status if that task belongs to the front desk.
  4. To make the next recare appointment, click the down arrow next to Schedule Recare (#) to see the current recare assignments and click Unscheduled to open the Calendar to the due date, so you can start looking for an open spot.

  5. Once the next appointment is scheduled, a green checkmark appears to show the completed Schedule Recare task.

Additional Information

  • To easily find a patient in the routing panel that is on the schedule for that day, type in one or two letters of the patient’s first or last name in the Patient Search field.
  • You can assign a new recare type to the patient by clicking Add New Recare to open the Recare page. 
  • To see additional ways to schedule recare appointments, watch Scheduling the Next Recare Appointment.