September 25, 2019

In a recent conference session, dental professionals just like you were asked to estimate the percentage of active patients in their recare system and were given a multiple-choice list to select from. (The most popular response: 30% – 40%.) That was just an opening activity to help people consider how well they know their practice numbers; in real life, you don’t want to guess. In Dentrix Ascend, you don’t have to.

How to:

1. Open the Active Patients in Recare report. From any page, click Home > Insights to open the Insights page.

2. In the Recare section, click Active Patients in Recare to open the report.

3. The report is a simple summary of active patients in recare, broken out by location. The default time frame is the last 18 months (or more precisely, the current month and the prior/previous 17 months).

4. Ignore the numbers in the screenshot—it’s from a test database. Your numbers will be much better. Because this is a power report, you have the option to make modifications and save your changes as a custom version of the report with a different name. (You can find your custom version in the Power Reporting Financial section. You cannot add a report to the Insights page.)

Additional Information

Here is the breakdown of the measures and math in this report:

  • Patients Seen – Count of patients with procedures completed during the time frame (and therefore considered “active”).
  • Active w/ Recare – Patients whose completed procedures include at least one of the following: D1110, D1120, or D4910.
  • % in Recare – [Active w/Recare] / [Patients Seen]   (displayed as a percentage).
  • Perio Patients – Count of patients with a D4910.
  • % in Perio – [Perio Patients] / [Patients Seen]   (displayed as a percentage).