June 05, 2019

When you present treatment to a patient, one of the inevitable questions is going to be about the cost of the procedure(s). Patients want to know what your office fee for the procedure is, the estimated insurance coverage, estimated portion they are expected to pay, etc. If answering all these questions feels daunting, thanks to the Treatment Planner Guarantor Portion page views you will have all the details at your fingertips.

How to:

1. Open the patient’s treatment plan case. An easy way to do this is click the case name in the Treatment Plan widget on the patient’s Overview screen.

2. Click the Preview button to open the treatment case preview.

3. Click the number in blue text next to Estimated guarantor portion to open the Guarantor Portion page.

4. The Summary View of the page will provide the simple answers for charge amount, insurance portion, and guarantor portion. For a deeper dive, click the Detailed View button.

5. The Detailed View provides additional information, such as the coverage percentages of both primary and secondary insurance and any payments or adjustments made that affect the guarantor portion.

Additional Information

  • The Guarantor Portion page also lets you peek at the guarantor’s Ledger Items contributing to the total guarantor portion.
  • Any underlined amounts are hyperlinks which you can click to obtain more information. For example, if you click a Primary Insurance Portion Remaining link a pop-up will show you the remaining benefits for the year.
  • Orange-colored hyperlinks indicate an exception such as a downgrade or age limitation. The pop-up that warns you when Bill to insurance is turned off for a specific procedure can be especially useful for troubleshooting estimates. 
  • There are several icons used in the views; click the ? badge for a full explanation of each.
  • For more information, watch Explaining the Guarantor Portion.