April 3, 2019

There it is again—that growing stack of papers that is the scan pile…

Dentrix Ascend tries to make it as easy as possible to move documents and photographs from paper into an electronic record. The best way to do that is to use Ascend’s scan option to send documents directly from your scanner into a patient’s Document Manager.

How to:

1. Locate the patient, and open his or her Document Manager either through the Patient menu or the link in the patient information bar.

2. Click the Scan button. Two windows open: the Upload File(s) to Document Manager from Dentrix Ascend, and your scanner’s native interface. The exact appearance of the latter will be different depending on your specific scanner.

3. Select your settings and options in the scanner window, and then click Scan or its equivalent button name. The scanner will do its thing.

4. Back in the Upload File(s) to Document Manager window, the scan will automatically be assigned a date- and number-based filename. You can edit this name. You can also add tags to the document.

5. You can scan several images before committing them to Ascend. Click New Scan to add another document. Click Done when you are done scanning. The document is added to the Document Manager and can be searched for by name or be filtered by tag.

Additional Information

  • In order to scan, the device on which you are using Ascend must have the Acquisition Agent software installed. This is the same software that is required to use the Imaging module. If you don’t have it, when you click Scan a message will pop up with a link from which you can download and install the application. If you need assistance installing this software, contact Support.
  • Scanning directly to the Document Manager is only available for Windows devices and only from TWAIN-compliant scanners.
  • All scanned documents get saved as .jpg files.
  • Appropriate error messages will appear if Dentrix Ascend has problems communicating with your scanner.