March 27, 2019

If you need a way to communicate date-specific information to your office staff, consider using the Calendar Day Note. These notes can be used as daily task lists, reminders, or notices. Using the Calendar navigation buttons, you can enter notes for not only the current date but future dates as well. Any note you write can be accessed from any device logged in to that location, so you can share notes with your entire office staff.

How to:

1. Open the Calendar. Use the date picker or the date navigation buttons to go to the date on which you want the note to appear.

2. Near the top left corner of the Calendar is a document icon. Click the icon to open the Day Note window.

3. The look of the window will vary depending on whether your view mode is by Day or Week. In either case, the date for the note appears just above the note area. Type your note, and click Save.

4. Once a note is entered, the icon changes color. If you are not the person who entered the note, this is your notification that a note is present. Click the icon to open and read the note!

Additional Information

  • Day Notes are location-specific.
  • Day Notes are not intended to communicate patient-specific information.
  • There is no print function for Day Notes. If you want to print one, you must highlight the text, copy it, paste it into something else like a Word document, and then print.
  • For more information, read Entering day notes.