January 30, 2019

A user asks, “Can I generate a report of all patients where I have billed a specific procedure code?” Using Dentrix Ascend Power Reporting, the answer is yes, you can. 

How to:

1. Open the Analysis Ledger Report Builder: Home > Power Reporting > Financial > Analysis Ledger Report Builder.

2. Look for the Procedure section in the Available fields column on the left. Drag the Proc Code field into the Layout section, dropping it above the Patient field.

3. Filter the report to represent just the procedure you are interested in. To begin, drag the Proc Code field to the filter area, which currently has “No Filters.”

4. In the Filter on Proc Code dialog box that opens, scroll or type to find your procedure code. Click to highlight the code, and then click the arrow to move it into the Included column. Click OK to finish.

5. To save your new custom report, click Save. In the Save Report window, type a name for the report, and decide whether it will be visible only to you (Save to My Reports) or to the entire organization (Save to Organization Reports). Click OK to finish.

Additional Information

  • You may wish to add a Date field to the Layout and the Filter so that your report can represent a specific time period.
  • The procedure code filter can include as many codes as you wish, for example if you want to create a report on crowns and need to include all the possible variations (D2390, D2710, D2712, etc.) performed in your office.
  • To learn more read Analysis Ledger Report Builder in the Resource Center.