January 9, 2019

There are several ways to share an image in Dentrix Ascend. By “sharing,” we mean exporting as a PNG or JPEG image file, or printing as a PDF document file. For one of the document export methods, the tooth numbers will be included on the page, like this:

How to:

  1. Select an image using any of the following methods:
    • Imaging tab > select image
    • Imaging > Show Image History > search and select
    • Imaging > Acquire Images > complete acquisition sequence
    • Chart tab > select tooth > Image Peek > Open for Editing
  1. If needed, select the Images tab in the Image Preview panel.
  1. Click the three vertical dots next to the name of the image you wish to share, and select Share Exam.
  1. In the Exam to be shared window, make sure that Share exam as Separate individual images is selected.
  1. Click Print to save the image as a PDF. A Save As window opens, so you can select the destination folder.

When you open the PDF, the top of each page will include the tooth number.

Additional Information

  • Tooth numbers are never included on PNG or JPEG files.
  • Another sharing option is simply to select the Share button at the bottom of the image panel; however, the tooth number will not be included on the page when you print to PDF.
  • Note that when you use the Share option at the bottom of the image panel, the tooth number is automatically included in the file name, for example: