December 12, 2018

Bread and butter. That’s what your recare system is to your practice. And you want to make it as good as it can be, right? One thing that is really going to help you is setting your primary recare types.

What is a “primary” recare type?

In simple terms, “primary” is just a tag or label which you can add or remove from any recare type in your system by checking or unchecking a single field. It’s not just a name, however; setting this field has multiple effects on the behavior of Dentrix Ascend.

What are the effects of setting a recare type as primary?

When a recare type is set as primary, all of the following happen:

  • Automated text and email messages can be sent for appointments of this type
  • This type of recare appointment can be booked online
  • Exit workflow compliance becomes applicable (if turned on), meaning employees will be prompted to schedule the next recare appointment or provide a reason why they did not as the patient is checking out.

How do I set a recare type as primary?

  1. Open the Recare Setup page (Settings > Recare). Select the recare type from the list.
  1. In the Edit Recare Information panel, select Primary Recare Type, and click Save.

Who can set recare types as primary?

To designate a recare type as primary (or to remove that designation), your user role must have Manage recare setup privileges.

Additional Information

  • Recare type settings are global (shared by all locations across your organization).
  • When a patient uses the online booking feature to schedule a recare appointment, the length of the appointment for that recare type is determined automatically. However, you can set specific appointment lengths for each recare type to suit your preferences. To learn more, see Setting up default recare appointment lengths for online booking.
  • To learn more about automated recare communications, see Creating recare communications.