October 3, 2018

Several users have voted for this feature request: “Would like to see rejected claims separate from the other unresolved claims so they are easier to identify. Add filters to the Unresolved Claims page.” This is a great suggestion, and I will be happy to pull down this blog post when it finally happens. In the meantime, here is a tip for filtering and finding a rejected claim.

How to:

  1. Go to the Sent Claims page (Home > Sent Claims).

  1. Click the Status column search box to open the list of possible claim statuses.

  1. Click the check box at the bottom of the list once or twice to clear all the statuses, and then select only Rejected by eServices and Rejected by Payer. Click Apply Selected.

  1. Click a claim to review or edit it in a Claim Detail window, where you can read or add to the claim notes, make modifications (e.g. add an attachment), and resubmit or reprint the claim.

Additional Information

  • This technique does not allow you to remove a claim from the list or to set a follow-up indicator, but it does let you address rejected claims directly.
  • For more information on handling a rejected claim, watch Processing Denied Claims in the Resource Center.