Have you ever been working in Ascend and when you tried to print or export, the result was…nothing? No error message, just silence? The issue could be your web browser. By default, Google Chrome blocks pop-ups from automatically showing up on your screen. And guess what a print tab or export dialog box is? A pop-up or “redirect”. If this is your problem, the fix is easy.

How to:

  1. First, make sure the pop-up blocker is your issue. When a pop-up is blocked, the address bar displays “Pop-up blocked” with an icon and message. To test for this problem, try again to print or export, but this time watch for the icon.

  1. When you see the icon, click it. It opens its own dialog box.

  1. Make sure the URL corresponds to Dentrix Ascend. To allow pop-ups from Ascend, select the Always allow pop-ups… option, and click Done.

  1. Try printing or exporting again. If this was your problem, the print tab or export dialog box will open normally, and the pop-up blocker icon will disappear.

Additional Information

  • The pop-up icon may differ slightly because of your device OS, browser type, or browser version. But the effect will be the same.
  • Always make sure the pop-up blocked is from Dentrix Ascend before allowing it. Your browser also blocks pop-ups that come from malware, which might be harmful to your computer if allowed.