Following up on unpaid insurance claims is critical to your practices’ bottom line. Dentrix Ascend makes it easy for you to manage your overdue insurance claims; it automatically keeps track how long a claim has been sitting without being resolved. A claim is considered overdue if it was submitted 15 or more days ago and has one of the following statuses: Sent, Accepted, Pending, Printed, Unprocessable Claim, Additional Information Requested, NEA Error, or Paid (the payment was sent by the carrier but not received by your office).

How to:

  1. On the Overview page (dashboard), click the Unresolved Claims widget. The Unresolved Claims page opens.

  1. Select a claim from the list to populate the options panel.

  1. Do any of the following as needed:
    • Contact the insurance carrier and/or the patient.
    • Specify what the claim needs for additional follow-up. Type any Notes, indicating who will Follow up with the carrier or patient and when you want to be reminded to follow up.
    • If the claim needs to be modified and is in an editable status, click Review/Edit to open the claim and make the necessary updates.
  2. Select the Dismiss Claim check box to remove the claim from the Unresolved list until the specified number of days has elapsed, and click Save.

Additional Information

  • Unresolved claims are grouped by insurance plans, which appear as expandable and collapsible sections. Click a plan’s button to view the list of claims within that group.
  • The options panel Status field has an information badge () next to it—hover to see a table of possible statuses and an indication of whether the claim is still editable.