When a patient wants to be scheduled as soon as possible, you check ASAP in his or her appointment. But where do these appointments go?  How do you find them when you have an opening in your schedule? Dentrix Ascend has all these appointments in one spot, so you can find the perfect patient for any openings that may arise.

To fill a schedule opening from the ASAP list:

  1. In the Calendar, select Actions > Fill Openings. By default, the panel opens in the ASAP tab.

  1. The tab holds appointment summary cards. The color of the card reflects the color associated with the provider that the patient is scheduled to see. It also shows the date for which this appointment is scheduled, what procedures are scheduled, and the primary contact name and phone number.

  1. Select a card to open the full appointment information. If the patient has preferred days and times, you will see them listed at the top of the appointment slideout panel.

  1. After you have called the patient and confirmed they want your open time slot, click on the day and time to move the appointment.
  2. Uncheck the ASAP box to remove the patient from the ASAP list, and click Save.

Additional Information

  • ASAP patients will not show up in the Fill Openings list if it is the day of their appointment.
  • The Fill Openings panel displays future appointments relative to the day or week currently being viewed.
  • To learn more, read Filling openings.