There are so many ways to market your practice. Which one is most effective? After you’ve spent time and money on brochures and business cards, social media and email campaigns, there comes a point where you need to know whether any of those efforts have been fruitful. This week’s tip will show you how to get those non-patient referral sources into your system.

To add a non-patient referral source:

  1. From the Settings menu, under Patient Care, click Referral Sources. You will see a list of your existing sources.
  2. Click Create New.
  3. Enter a name for this referral source, and select an appropriate Referral Type. Fill out as much other information as is useful to describe this source.

To record a referral source in Dentrix Ascend:

  1. Find out what got them in! Your office should have an established protocol for asking patients to identify their referral sources.
  2. Enter or edit the information in the Referrals tab of the Patient Information page. In the Referred By search field begin typing the name of the referral source, and then select the appropriate name in the list of matching results that appears.

With your referral resources defined, you can start capturing your data. Part 2 of this post will focus on how to generate a revenue report based on your non-patient referrals.

Additional Information

  • While this post focuses on non-person referral sources, the Referral Sources page can also be used to create records for referring dental professionals.
  • To learn more about adding new patient records, see Adding patient records.