Procedures within a treatment case can be organized into visits when there are too many procedures to complete in a single visit. By organizing procedures into visits you can more easily schedule the procedures in the order they need to be completed, adding efficiency to your scheduling process.

To organize treatment planned procedures into visits:

  1. Select a case to view the recommended treatment.
  2. Do one or more of the following:
  • To create a new visit, drag a procedure to the box below the visits.

  • To add a procedure to an existing visit, drag that procedure to the desired visit.

  • To adjust the order of procedures in a visit, drag a procedure to a location above or below another procedure in that visit.

  • To change the duration of any visit from the default one hour (1:00), next to that visit number, click the Duration drop down, and then select a new value.

Additional Information

  • You can create an appointment for a visit directly from the Treatment Planner. Simply select the check boxes next to the procedures within the visit (or the top check box to select all), and then click Create Appointment to open the Calendar.
  • For more information, read Creating Treatment Plans.