It’s that time of the week again: looking ahead to next week’s schedule to see if there are any holes to fill, any providers with a light schedule, any opportunities to increase production. Dentrix Ascend can help you fill those openings from a list of patients who have treatment-planned procedures and who, for one reason or another, have broken a previous appointment. It’s called the Broken/No Show list, and it should be the tool you look to first to invite those patients to reschedule.

To schedule appointments from the Broken/No Show list:

  1. From the Home page, click Schedule > Fill Openings. Click to select the Broken/No Show tab, which holds a lists of appointment blocks.

  1. Use the patient phone numbers to contact the patients in the list. Once you have a patient who is ready to schedule, click the appointment block to open the patient’s Appointment Information panel in the Calendar.

  1. Do one of the following:
  • Manually search through the Calendar for an open spot. When you find one, click on the open spot in the calendar.

  • Search for an opening using the search tool, and in the search results table, click to select an available opening.

  1. Add a note or adjust any other appointment fields as necessary and click Save.

When an appointment is rescheduled out of the Broken/No Show list it disappears from the list.  But the event remains recorded in the patient’s Appointment history, in the Missed Appointments tab.

Additional Information

  • Recare appointments are NOT included in the Broken/No Show list. You can build a custom list of unscheduled recare appointments using the Recare Management Report.