Has the doctor or the accountant ever asked for a breakdown of payments your office has received by credit card type, or to identify late payments or prepayments? Those payment types are not included in the predefined list of payment types in Dentrix Ascend, and for good reason. You wouldn’t want to have a long list of payment types to choose from and then only be able to select a single payment type for a payment.

But you can use payment tags. Payment tags allow you to quickly attach multiple identifiers to a basic payment type. You choose what those are, and later they become a powerful reporting tool in the Day Sheet and the Payment Analysis Report.

To assign tags to a payment:

  1. Select a patient, and click the Ledger block.
  2. Click Payment (-).
  3. Set the payment date, amount, and type. The payment panel expands and includes a Tags tab.

  1. In the Add a tag search box, start typing the name of a tag. Existing matches will appear, and will narrow down as you keep typing. This will help you avoid creating duplicates.

  1. Do one of the following:
  • If the tag you are looking for already exists, click the tag name.
  • If the tag does not yet exist, continue to type out the full tag name, and then click + Create (tag name).

  1. Repeat steps 4-5 to add additional tags to the payment as needed. When you are done adding tags click Save.

 Additional Information

  • Tags that have been applied to the payment appear next to the search box with an “X” icon so you can remove a tag if you made a mistake or change your mind.
  • Any new tags that you create are available to all Dentrix Ascend users in your organization.
  • To learn how to apply your custom payment tags in a report, read Payment Analysis Report.