Running a busy practice can be challenging, and setting up insurance carriers can sometimes lead to errors. It’s easy to accidentally add a carrier that already exists in your database or enter an unsupported Payer ID 06126, thinking it’s the right carrier.

Fortunately for your practice, with Dentrix Ascend’s merge carriers feature, you can quickly and easily correct these errors. By merging carriers, you can reduce claim rejections and speed up payment processing – thus increasing your practice’s revenue.

The Merge Carriers feature will help you keep your carrier list organized and free of duplicates. Plus, when you merge carriers, all associated claims, payer IDs, and patients are automatically moved to the correct carrier, making your life easier.

Additionally, Dentrix Ascend holds your hand through the process. We understand that this process can be unnerving, so when you decide to merge carriers, Dentrix Ascend has designed a Merge Insurance Carriersdialog box to walk you through the process of selecting the correct carrier, choosing your merge options, and confirming the merge.

Additional Information

  • The action of merging carriers cannot be undone or reversed and must only be performed when you are certain that the carriers are duplicates of each other.
  • To merge insurance carriers, you must have the Merge Carriers right assigned to your user role.
  • A state-specific payer is typically not a duplicate of the same carrier in another state.
  • To learn how to clean up your insurance carrier database, watch Merging Insurance Carriers.