When it comes to caries or bone loss, it can be hard to explain or to show a patient the areas of concern during an exam. As a busy practitioner, you’ve put in the time, schooling, and practice to read X-rays and have become good at it! But this knowledge and experience can be difficult to communicate with your patients.  Patients can’t read an image the way you do.

Did you know that you can use artificial intelligence to detect and highlight caries and the show interproximal bone level measurements on X-ray images in Dentrix Ascend Imaging? This technology has FDA clearance and is conveniently built right into Dentrix Ascend Imaging so that it fits seamlessly into your imaging workflow.

The easy-to-view AI results are objective and can help patients understand the areas of concern and motivate them to accept treatment. When patients see the red boxes and color-coded indications, it gives them a compelling reason to get the treatment that they need. So, artificial intelligence can help you improve patient care and increase revenue.

How to:

  1. Acquire images as you normally do in Dentrix Ascend.
  2. When you finish the acquisition, the caries analysis and radiographic bone level results appear on each image automatically.

The red boxes show you caries or areas of concern, and the color-coded indications show you the interproximal alveolar bone levels on each image.

You can position your cursor over each indication to see the radiographic bone level measurement.

Also, the total number of carious lesions and the total number of radiographic bone level indications are noted at the bottom of the image and in the Tools tab under AI.

It’s really that simple!  You can use these results to help you diagnose, educate, and discuss a treatment plan with a patient so they are more likely to understand and trust the treatment you are recommending.  

Additional Information

  • Dentrix Ascend Detect AI is an additional service to your Dentrix Ascend subscription. 
  • To learn more about artificial intelligence detecting caries and bone levels in Dentrix Ascend Imaging, watch Dentrix Ascend Detect AI Overview.
  • For more information about Dentrix Ascend Detect AI or to see a free demo, visit the Dentrix Ascend Detect AI product page.